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What TVM Offers

  • Authoritative for your instructional and educational projects.

  • Conversational for those clients you want to connect to on a personal level 

  • Enticing/Eloquent for your high-end products or clients

  • Unique Characters for those special quirky projects - great for Holidays and Children

  • Jingles for an added fee I will write a sweet song for your product to POP!

  • Live Direction over Source Connect, Zoom or Skype for that extra personal touch


Komorebi Studio

"Jindra has been, to say the least, an absolute joy to work with. Incredibly experienced, yet is so passionate when it comes to her craft. Her versatility in her voice acting is something absolutely admirable. She is incredibly efficient, always gives several choices for directors to choose from, and never fails to give it her all.

Not to mention her cheerful attitude and her drive. We are so incredibly lucky to have Jindra on our team."

Dif's Studio

"I hired Jindra for a 4 minute scene in a video game. She was an excellent talent and a breeze to work with. Highly recommend."


Terrence Howard

"Jindra's quality of work was second to none and her turnaround time was exceptional!! I would recommend her to anyone that’s looking for that voice to drive their business in a positive direction."



"Jindra is an all-star talent, and knows the ins and outs of VO (not just the skills you'd expect like acting, mic technique, and taking direction--but also technical and stage management!) I would love to work with her on any project or event as she makes it seem easy, fun, and memorable!" - Laura K Welsh


"Jindra has many many skills- one that particularly stands out is that she is an amazing team player, extremely organized, a great collaborator and "foot soldier", and an asset to any team of which she is a part!"-Kera O’Bryon


"I had the pleasure of working with Jindra on a BIG production with lots of moving parts not too long ago, she is an absolute joy! Hard working, confident, organized, dedicated, this is the force of nature right here! " - Voices by Storm





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